Doing Your Own Research on Bible Versions

We do applaud and commend all of you who continue to seek and pursue truth, who read and study and are attempting to do their own research on the complex subject of Bible Versions and Textual issues. Keep on Keeping On!

[Questions that Modern Version Advocates are afraid you will ask ]

1. Have you done research on the KJV/Other Versions controversies yourself ?

By that we do not mean that you are taking someone else’s word for it, or that you

like what your best friend said, but rather that you did actual reading, actual looking into

historical records, actual research - yourself ?

We have found that most people who express concern about the KJV-Preference

position have several mistaken presumptions that they are not fully aware of, usually because they have not done the research on this issue themselves. Often, they have relied on the word of others (who despite their good intentions have also not done their own research personally)

2. If you are not in favor of using the KJV, and if you are in favor instead of using Modern Bible Versions, are you sure that you understand the major points about the philosophical/theological position you are advocating ?

3. have you thought through the premise that - if you insist on using Modern Versions only - you must accept to go against 95% of the Bible Manuscripts that have been used by the Christian Church throughout the centuries (until 1904) ?

4. Are you aware that the KJV is still supported by 95% of the Bible Parchments and Manuscripts which exist all over the world ?

5. It is true that the KJV translators relied on the manuscripts that were available in their own day and time. And it is also true that more Bible manuscripts were found since the early 1900s, than in all of the other centuries combined. Here is the key question: Are you aware that almost all these ancient manuscripts - those found in the 1900s - have accomplished, is to support, authenticate and validate the King James Version of the Bible ?

6. In other words, despite finding many more manuscripts of the Bible since the KJV was translated, more than 95% the new manuscripts found in the 1900s continue to support the King James Version, and disagree with the Modern Versions. Are you aware of this ?

7. Are you aware that Modern Versions Reject the Greek Text which underlies the English King James Version, and that this is really what the crux of the matter is - about the King James Version Debate ?

8. Do you realize that the Protestant Greek New Testament Textus Receptus, was used not only by the English speaking world in the KJV, but also by almost all other countries in the spread and propagation of the Bible - until 1904 ?

9. Do you therefore understand that to disagree with the Textus Receptus, is to place yourself against the true history of Protestant Historical Teachings (in the choice of the Bible Versions that they recommended) ???

10. Have you really stopped to think about the Motives WHY someone might [from a spiritual point of view] have an interest in getting modern Christians to reject the Bibles that upheld their Churches and their Doctrines for nearly 2000 years ?

11. Are you aware that if you reject the Greek Text which underlies the King James Version, that you are rejecting the Bible and the Validity of the Bibles, and undermining the credibility and witness not only of the historic christian martyrs who were English, but also those from Spain, and From Holland, and from France, and from Germany and from Switzerland, and from Italy, since they all also rely on the Greek Textus Receptus that the King James uses ?

To get to the point, do you really know which foreign versions of the Bible - in each language - that are supported and rely on the same Textus Receptus used by the King James Translators ? Can you name these other versions ? Here are some of them:

The Geneva Bible in English used the same Textus Receptus as the King James and this has been good enough for the American Founding Fathers, that is the Puritans and the Pilgrims in resisting false teachings and building a strong vibrant well-grounded Christian Church for hundreds of years. If it was good enough for them as they risked their life to defend it and live by it, then why is it not good enough for you ?

The Reina Valera Bible in Spanish used the same Textus Receptus as the King James and this has been good enough for the Spaniards & Spanish in resisting false teachings and building a strong vibrant well-grounded Christian Church for hundreds of years. If it was good enough for them, why is it not good enough for you ??

The Diodatti Bible in Italian used the same Textus Receptus as the King James and this has been good enough for the Italians in resisting false teachings and building a strong vibrant well-grounded Christian Church for hundreds of years. If it was good enough for them, then why is it not good enough for you ???

The Luther Bible in German used the same Textus Receptus as the King James and this has been good enough for the Germans in resisting false teachings and building a strong vibrant well-grounded Christian Church for hundreds of years. If it was good enough for them, why is it not good enough for you ????

The Olivetain & Martin versions in French (as well as Louis Second/1st Edition) used the same Textus Receptus as the King James and this has been good enough for the French in resisting false teachings and building a strong vibrant well-grounded Christian Church for hundreds of years. If it was good enough for them, why is it not good enough for you ?????

12. Do you know (a) the life, (b) the character, and (c) the teachings & (d) beliefs of the Bible translators of the Modern Versions that you are defending ? Do you know - for example - what they believed about Jesus Christ ?


13. Do you know - for a fact -what they believed about the Deity of Jesus Christ ?

14. Do you know - for a fact -whether or not they believed that Mary should be worshiped ?

15. Do you know - for a fact - what they believed about the Trinity ?

[how would you prove or demonstrate your answers to us ?]

16. Do you know - for a fact -WHY they rejected the Textus Receptus, that underlies the King James ?

17. Do you know who their professors were in their colleges & universities were, and how those

college professors influenced them ?

18. Do you know who their professors were in their colleges & universities were, and what the Biases of those college professors was - in terms of being in favor of (a) God, (b) Christianity, and (c) the Bible ?

19. Do you know - for a fact - whether or not those translators even believed that the real and true Word of God (the Bible) could be found within the manuscripts either (a) that they used or (b) that the Historic Christian Church has used for 1900 years ?

20. Do you know - for a fact - whether or not those translators - of the modern versions you rely on for your spiritual growth and communion with God - believe in the fall of mankind (Genesis 1-3) and the Biblical Doctrine of Original Sin ?

21. Do you know - for a fact - whether or not those translators - of the modern versions you rely on for your spiritual growth and communion with God - believe in the same historic Christian teachings that you believe in ? Do they even claim to believe in the historic Christian teachings ?

22. Do you know - for a fact - what the requirements of the American Bible Society are, for a person to participate as a translator - in a Modern Version ?

23. Do you know - for a fact - what the requirements of the German Bible Society are, for a person to participate as a translator - in a Modern Version ? Do you know that the United Bible Societies, the UBS Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament - used in 95% of seminaries today - is essentially the product of the German Bible Society, and that they retain the Copyright on the Nestle-Aland Greek Text ? Do you realize that the Beliefs, Teachings, Ideology and Methods of Translation of the German Bible Society will therefore be evident on every page of the Greek Text that Modern Versions use (since modern versions rely almost exclusively on the Nestle-Aland bad Greek Text ) ?

24. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, if the German Bible Society was around in the Time of Hitler, (which it was), and if the German Bible Society operated during the time of Hitler’s Third Reich in Germany (which it did), and if it needed a Nazi "certificate of good standing" (which it did), then what would this mean...for your modern Bible Version ?

It is not only that the German Bible Society uses corrupt Greek Texts for the New Testament. They also use Corrupt Hebrew Texts for their Old Testament ! Did you know that the people that they hired to revise, review and compose their Hebrew Old Testament (Kittel) hated Jews ? Do you really think - if this were the case [ is], that Almighy God is proud and happy to have protestant True Christians using Old Testaments that were translated either by people who hated Jews or by Nazis (or both) ??? Would you like someone to castigate or persecute you and your race - simply because you were born that way ? So, how do really think that the God of the Universe takes this ?

25. IF all of these concerns were valid, legitimate and provable, then do you still think that we should thoughtlessly chose and decide that Modern Versions of the Bible are somehow superior to the Historic Bibles that have been used around the world for thousands of years ?

26. Just how happy do you think that God will be, when you get up to Heaven in a few years, and then you can explain this yourself to HIM ???

Pastors in Particular - Don’t Read if you are Afraid

27. If you are a Pastor, is it true that you should already have these answers, Is it true that you should already have done this research, Is it True that you should already be ready to give an answer of him that asketh you - of the reason(s) and the hope that you have within you...???

Since the Bible is being attacked from every conceivable angle these days in society, then do you not think that it is your duty, your God-Given Responsibility not only to have these answers, but also to be able to prepare your audiences and congregations to know how to respond to the critics of the Bible ? Or are you one of these pastors who just lets his kids in his church go off to college, and then get decimated by the anti-God theology of these professors - because you, the Pastor - have failed to properly prepare these young people to stand for truth, and to know how to give an effective answer of the reasons for the hope that lies within them ???

28. We can certainly afford to be wrong ! The question is: Before God (and James 3) can you afford for us to be right ???

29. So, to continue...sharing truth here....Would you be surprised to learn that the German Bible Society does not follow Protestant Theology ? Would you be surprised to learn that the German Bible Society despises Martin Luther, His Bible and the Textus Receptus, and instead seems committed to promoting Bible Texts that (a) were rejected by the Christian Church for thousands of Years and (b) that "coincidentally" seem to greatly favor Roman Catholic Theology ?

30. Would it surprise you to learn that for the Greek New Testament used by the German Bible Society/UBS, that they (UBS) hired the head of Theology of the Roman Catholic Church, the head of the Pontifical Institute in Rome (which trains the best of the Roman Catholic Theologians and Priests)...who is Archbishop Carlo Maria Martini of Milan ? And they hired him to be one of the main overseers of the Greek Text that is being used by almost all Protestant Seminaries in the USA today ? What should we do when we find this out ? Should we ignore it ? Should we pretend this practice does not take place, and maybe it will go away ? Do we keep smiling and say nothing ? Or do we decide to seek Truth, Love God with all of our heart, mind, and strength, and start asking the questions that others have been afraid to ask ? Do we finally decide that we will stand for something, take a risk and ask some very hard questions ???

Do you know - for a fact - how Carlo Martini feels about Protestants and Evangelicals ? He is the author of more than 20 books, and Carlo Martini has said that he believes that Evangelicals are "insane" ?

Now if this is one of the top 4 or 5 people that is over-seeing your Greek New Testament, do you really think that His view of Protestantism and Evangelicals, is somehow not going to be reflected in the manuscripts he chose to use in the Greek New Testament that he was helping to create ?

Or are you really so naive that you think that a person becomes an Archbishop or a Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church without (a) upholding the teachings of Roman Catholicism at every step and (b) opposing Protestant teachings and Protestant Bibles in any and all ways possible ?

(If you believe that, Maybe you can share with us more about this "new" breed of Catholic Archbishop that favors and promotes Historic Protestantism) {Please check out on this site

what the Pope said about whether or not Protestants were going to Heaven or not}.

31. Keeping in mind that the corrupt Greek Text of Westcott & Hort are used for a great deal of the UBS/Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament Text, How much research have you personally done on the Occultic Practices of Westcott & Hort, or do you wish instead to email us, and we can share with you some of the details of this, from their own writings ???

32.. Would you be surprised to learn that many of the translators of the modern versions of the Bible state in their own writings that they do NOT believe in the literal Bible ? Have you personally done research on this topic yourself ? Have you read 3 books on this specific subject ? Have you even read one ?

33. Don’t feel so good if you have read the "King James Only debate" by James White. Are you even aware of how much re-writing there was, between the First Edition of this book, and all of the Editions that came after ? Have you also gone on the internet to see, learn, read or study the answers that Gail Riplinger gave ? (We are simply trying to help you assess - for yourself - just how thorough and truth-seeking your research, which you have personally done, has been).

We would recommend a few EASY books for you to read about the KJV/Textus-Receptus Debate with Modern Versions:

We know...we know... it may seem like a bit of work, but remember, if you can digest and read the following books, you will be set for life, eternally prepared to defend the modern versions you read and love so much.

1. The Revision Revised by John William Burgon (Dean Burgon). People who are in favor of Modern versions want to believe that historical research is on their side. (Usually this means that they have placed their faith in versions and "scholarship" that they have arbitrarily been tricked into accepting, without doing the research - themselves - first hand).

Read the Revision Revised by Oxford Professor John Burgon. It was written in 1883, but don’t worry: If you cannot find it elsewhere we offer it for sale, so it is easily available if you have the courage to put your own beliefs and convictions to the test. Burgon lived in the time of Westcott and Hort. Since all modern versions use and rely on the Greek Text of Westcott & Hort, maybe you should find out more about what Westcott & Hort actually said, wrote, and believed ???

2. The Jesus Papyrus by Carston & Thiede. No, we don’t sell it, but you can get this recent international bestseller at or at major bookstores near you. They take a secular approach, and do a good job of explaining the problems with the greek texts that the German Bible Society/UBS chose to use (which contradicts 95% of Bible Manuscripts and parchments that exist).

3. The Battle for the Bible by Harold Lindsell. Written by the former editor of Christianity Today, this book provides you with the background knowledge and details about Seminaries and Bibles, and just how much the training of the professors (who are promoting modern versions) is lacking.

We invite your questions or comments, and we would also urge you to read the section at this site on "If You Disagree". We hope that the questions you have had the courage to read, will give you food for thought on the state of weakness within the Christian Church, and help all to see how the answers to these questions may determine the fate of Christianity for the next 100 years (or more).

Reasons to Ignore the Questions above

Check or Circle the Reason that applies to you:

1. I don’t want to do this research. I worked pretty hard to get my own theology "straight", but now I may have to go and change some of it. In other words, if my theology disagrees with God, I would prefer (even rather than simply asking the questions) to prioritize my unbiblical theology over my relationship with the Living God who loved me so much he sent Jesus Christ to die for me. This is my way of saying Thanks to Him.

2. I am too busy. Well, not that I could not do the research. After, all who is kidding who ? I am smart enough ! I could read this stuff, and you know..."get into my relationship with God" more, but I simply am too busy. Whatever else I have going on, I prefer it over the activities of doing research on Bible Translations. Come on....let’s see A Good Game of Golf versus Seeking Truth and making tough choices...well we know who wins out there...that’s just the kind of Christian I am.

3. The King James Version Sucks. That simply is a "fact". I could change my mind. But you know...all the research...learning new things...reading was never really "my thing". Besides I don’t like all of the stupid old words it uses. Yeah yeah, I know, I could "buy a dictionary", or I could look the words up at the Library, or I could even learn the Greek (That’s a Good One !), but then it would be tougher for me to prioritize other things in my life. In other words, studying the Bible would get in the way of my current lifestyle. Nuf Said (I may actually start to listen to that conviction...from "that Guy", you know, that "Holy Spirit"...)

4. I will look stupid ! Look, come on, I did not really realize what I was getting myself into. My budy told me about the KJV Version stuff, and I did not know what I was saying, at least not all of these details and questions that you are asking about. I just said I favored many versions instead of one. I did not think that it really was such a big deal (and I am not sure how I feel...even now...though I should probably study this more - "off the record"). But I am a Pastor, and I have already taken a PUBLIC stand on this ! I even got my Board to agree with me. Now I would have to go back, and then they would have to study the Bible, and they would have to not be so lazy and spend a few bucks to find out which Bible is the right one, and then they would have to read the should see these elders & deacons, man ! Just to get them to show up to a regular meeting is a miracle....of course...I could Pray about this...I could pray that they attend a special meeting....I could even give them some material in writing, or print out this list of questions...and give it to them and let them wrestle with the issue.

After all, if they understand the scope of this problem, then maybe they will start to become interested, and being a deacon or an elder is supposed to be about helping the church, not the building but the PEOPLE, to learn more about Jesus, and how to grow in Him. If other people really are trying to take our historic Bibles away from us, then maybe it might be worth it to investigate and find out why those old Bibles were so precious to those who had them, and how much of a difference memorizing those versions made. After all, those old churches and Pastors were a lot stronger - spiritually - than many of the pastors that most Seminaries are turning out these days....

5. My friends won’t approve. Well I am not really sure if that is a "reason" or simply a fact. But most of them already think that "Church stuff" takes too much of their time. Now, not only should they know what they think, but they should know why, and history, and how other believers stayed strong throughout History, and more things...You know if I was to share some of that with them, maybe in time they might start seeing that their own relationship with God, could be a lot more awe-some than what it has been so far, maybe we could pray more, or have a good bible study. I mean Christians say all the time that they are "truth-seekers", so what is wrong with a little actual truth-seeking ? Leadership is not just "speeches". It is about Doing more than Saying, and Leading by maybe I should remember not to worship anything other than the Almighty, and not to put my Friendships above God and my own relationship with Him...

6. It’s my wife and I am a coward. I am kind of comfortable in my life. I did not reach where I am today by rocking the boat, and I sure don’t want to start now. ! Look the problem is not simply that I do not know or understand what questions to ask or how to teach others. It is bigger than that ! My wife uses her standard Bible version (the NIV) and she really likes it. Now not only am I supposed to be concerned about all this, but my wife is supposed to be concerned ???

Come on ! What planet are you from ? I know...the Bible says Let the women Learn...but that is you want me to talk to my wife, maybe have a Bible study with her on this subject or ask her to read some of these books....She is pretty comfortable too, and it was not always this easy....Well, OK some issues may be worth it, and yeah this could have an impact (both directly and by example) on our Kids or Grandkids, and yes it may even make a difference 10 years from now about the growth of our Grandchildren, but can’t we just ignore this a little longer ? Can’t we all just get along ? Think of the hassle you’re suggesting that I start ! I don’t have peace with my wife in Normal life (who knows whats normal in anycase). Now I’m supposed to prepare my wife, and start asking questions, and give her stuff to read, and lead maybe by sitting down and talking with her, and asking her face-to-face to think about these things, and her own commitment and our commitment to truth...Do you know MY wife ? Do you Know what you are saying ?

Well vows...I married her didn’t I ? In sickness and in health, but not during times of know we are all confused enough every you want to upset that by taking some confusion out of our life, and then she may hold me responsible for more things you know. And then I may have to learn to get more spiritual strength. And if were talking about my own wife, you KNOW I’m gonna need More strength....What kind of a MONSTER are YOU ?

Asking all of these questions, next thing you know, you’ll be suggesting that I take my "spiritual walk" seriously, come on...I was already doing you think that God somehow is going to give me strength for this...well He Better....

Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?

Matthew 6:30

And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

Mathew 8:26

And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith.

Luke 17:5

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

I Peter 3:15